Singing for a Cure

Two Songs to Benefit Cure JM

Two talented artists have released songs inspired by their battles with myositis. Both songs are now available on iTunes, and all proceeds benefit Cure JM Foundation.

Soldier On Wall

“Soldier On”

By Penny Lane
iTunes Download to Benefit Cure JM

Doctors diagnosed Samantha Anne Martin of Lafayette, Calif., at age 3½ with Juvenile Myositis. Now 12, Martin is in her second remission of the disease and determined to make a difference.

Martin, who performs under the name Penny Lane, collaborated with her father to write the song "Soldier On" in honor of all the children and families who struggle with the pain and heartbreak that Juvenile Myositis can bring. A video produced for the song ends with still photos of dozens of children who have Juvenile Myositis.

“I want the world to know Juvenile Myositis can be a devastating disease that medical science has yet to find a way to definitively cure or prevent,” Martin said. “I also wanted those kids who have Juvenile Myositis and their families to know that there is hope despite the seemingly endless treatments and difficulties. I'm an example of that. I hope to stay one for a long time.”

All proceeds from “Soldier On” will benefit Cure JM. 

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Aoede Singing

“Perfect Day”

By Aoede
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Award winning singer/songwriter Aoede (pronounced: a-e-dee) is no stranger to overcoming obstacles and realizing her dreams.  In April, Aoede won “Best Folk Recording” and “Best Folk Music Video” at the 2013 Indie Music Channel Awards held at the House of Blues in Hollywood.  She was also a winner in International Songwriting Competition for Children’s Music and she recently earned award nominations for the 2013 Hollywood in Music Awards as well as the 2013 Indie Fest USA and The Indie Gathering Independent Film Festivals for her outstanding music, videos and her song, “Fairy Tale Love”.

But Aoede’s life is more than creating award-winning music because just walking the red carpet at Hollywood events can often be a struggle.  Aoede, whose real name is Lisa Sniderman, suffers from Dermatomyositis, a debilitating disease that attacks the immune system, muscles and skin, for which there is no known cure.  Yet, while Aoede’s body may be under attack, she never lets the disease affect her mind and spirit and uses that strength to encourage others.

“Since the beginning of time, music has always been used as a way to heal”, Aoede says.  “It can be used as a way to heal oneself emotionally, mentally, as well as physically, and I’m so proud of how my music has been received by others.  It has given me the opportunity to reach out to others and share with them the gift of hope through the gift of music.”

And Aoede is using her gift of music to help others, especially kids, through the release of her new CD, “Is Love a Fairy Tale”, which takes listeners on a musical adventure of enchantment and wonder.  Aoede is donating a portion of the proceeds from “Is Love a Fairy Tale” to benefit organizations that treat and assist those who suffer Dermatomyositis. 

All proceeds from “Perfect Day” will benefit Cure JM.

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JM Families and Artwork are Wanted for Aoede's “Perfect Day”

The award-winning musician, Aoede, wants to spread awareness of Juvenile Myositis!

She will be featuring JM families in a video for her song “Perfect Day.” If you would like to participate, send 2-3 photos or a 30 sec video (or both) of YOUR PERFECT DAY!  For example, photos of you at the beach, at the park, at home baking cookies, watching a sunset, sitting under the stars, painting, playing music, anything! Maybe a perfect day is one where you just feel good enough to get outside or your hospital room has a window with a view. Everyone has a different idea of what a perfect day might be!

If you like to color, draw or paint, Aoede is also searching for original artwork to symbolize “Perfect Day.” The winner will have their artwork featured on the album website and will receive a signed CD of Aoede’s children's musical story “Is Love A Fairy Tale?”

All entries are due by October 31st and winners will be notified via email. Click here to learn more.

Erin’s Song - You’re Beautiful Today

Music by Cure JM Dad James Cademan

To purchase on iTunes (all proceeds from downloads will benefit Cure JM):

Watch the Music Video:

Can't Stop the Rain

Written by G.I. and Jo

The song was inspired by a young girl with JDM and cover art for the song was provided by a JM patient.

To purchase on iTunes (All proceeds from downloads will benefit Cure JM):