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Cure JM Foundation Highlights

Thanks to the Juvenile Myositis community, family and friends, Cure JM has:

  • Raised over $11 Million through grassroots fundraisers throughout the country
  • Helped establish and continues to fund two JM research centers: one at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (Cure JM Program of Excellence in JM Research) under the direction of Dr. Lauren Pachman; the other at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
  • Helped secure a 4-year grant totaling $1.9 million from NIH in 2010 for the Chicago team due to the progress already underway at the Cure JM Program of Excellence in JM Research
  • Supported over 160 of the most promising JM research studies
  • Provided 13 new research and educational program grants
  • Currently funding research at 20 prestigious research institutions in 3 countries
  • Funded a multi-stage project to educate physicians about JM across North America
  • Funded a research study with Duke University and CARRA to determine the best treatment approaches for JM
  • Myositis and You
  • Funded the first-ever book about JM, Myositis and You, written by over 100 doctors and now available as an eBook
  • Provided ten educational forums where leading JM researchers spoke to families and facilitated four JM educational forums for medical community
  • Hosted numerous forums for healthcare professionals and funded online resources to provide JM education and information for more than 600 physicians
  • Created targeted educational materials (video and welcome kit) for newly diagnosed families
  • Garnered local and national media attention…at least 500 local newspaper articles and 100 television stories
  • Connected over 2,900 patients and families in 40 different countries to provide mutual support in their battle against JM – includes regional JM family support representatives in the U.S.
  • Created new regional chapters in Chicago, New York, Seattle, D.C. and Texas
Cure JM Posters and Literature
  • Created grandparent support and advocacy network
  • Provided a comprehensive website, and active message board where families can post questions and connect with other families affected by JM
  • Provided welcome kits, brochures and videos for JM community
  • Provided guidance to families to help them navigate the health care system and work with insurance companies, doctors, schools...
  • Engaged with 16,000+ followers in social media community