Cure JM Chapter Presidents, Regions and Contact Information

New England Chapter

Serving Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine

Stephanie Brown and Family

Stephanie Brown, RN

Contact Stephanie at:
or text/call (774) 244-0145.

Massachusetts/New England Chapter Facebook Group

Greater New York Chapter

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

The Coffey Family

Kevin and Doreen Coffey, Co-Presidents

Contact Kevin or Doreen at:

Greater New York Chapter Facebook Group

Philadelphia Chapter

Serving Metro-Philadelphia, Western New Jersey, and Delaware

The Phelps Family

Jason Phelps

Contact Jason at:

Philadelphia Chapter Facebook Group

Pittsburgh Chapter

Serving Greater Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Kelly Brennan Culver and Family

Kelly Brennan Culver, Co-President

Contact Kelly at:

The Eisenreich Family

Melissa Eisenreich, Co-President

Contact Melissa at:

Stacy Povlish and Daughter

Stacy Povlish, Co-President

Contact Stacy at:

The Stafford Family

Jason & Mary Beth Stafford, Co-Presidents

Contact Jason and Mary Beth at:

Pittsburgh Chapter Facebook Group

Greater Washington, D.C. Chapter

Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Naomi Gonzalez and Daughter

Naomi Gonzalez, Co-President

Contact Naomi at:

The Taylor Family

Shannon Taylor, Co-President

Contact Shannon at:

Greater-Washington D.C. Chapter Facebook Group


Serving North Carolina and South Carolina

The McClintock Family

Sarah McClintock, Co-President

Contact Sarah at:

The Veenstra Family

Rachelle Veenstra, Co-President

Contact Rachelle at:

Carolinas Facebook Group


Serving the state of Georgia

The Parker Family

Nick and Lori Parker, Co-Presidents

Contact Nick and Lori at:

The Warr Family

Kirsten Warr, Co-President

Contact Kirsten at:

Georgia Chapter Facebook Group

Florida Chapter

Serving the State of Florida

Amy Gleason

Amy Gleason

Contact Amy at:

Florida Chapter Facebook Group

Greater Chicago Chapter

Serving Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan

Denise and Roger Koch

Jennifer Coe, President

For more info, contact Denise Koch at:

Greater-Chicago Chapter Facebook Group


Serving the state of Michigan

Chapter Co-Presidents:
Nora and Mark Sangid, Giovanni Loria, Rebbeca Karsten, Laura Quigley-Wysocki


Michigan Chapter Facebook Group

Minnesota Chapter

Serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

The Cantrelle Family

Danielle Harris, Co-President

Contact Danielle at:

The Johnson Family

Joleen Johnson, Co-President

Contact Joleen at:

Minnesota Chapter Facebook Group

Ohio Chapter

Serving the state of Ohio

Zavk and Sandi Harrison and their daughters

Zack and Sandi Harrison

Contact or

Ohio Chapter Facebook Group

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter

Greater Dallas-Forth Worth and North Texas

The Kara Family

Jenny and John Kara

Contact Jenny or John at:

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter Facebook Group

Houston Chapter

Greater Houston and Southeast Texas

Bud and Ryane Sheffield

Bud and Ryane Sheffield

Contact Bud and Ryane at:

Houston Chapter Facebook Group

Central Texas Chapter

Greater Austin and Central Texas

April Duley and Sissy Taylor

Sissy Taylor, Co-President

Contact Sissy at:

April Duley, Co-President

Contact April at:

Central Texas Chapter Facebook Group

Louisiana Chapter

Serving Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

The Cantrelle Family

Ragan Cantrelle

Contact Ragan at:

Louisiana Chapter Facebook Group


Pacific Northwest Chapter

Serving Washington State, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Idaho and Western Canada (B.C. and Alberta)

Veronica Douglas and family

Veronica Douglas, President

Contact Veronica at:

Pacific Northwest Chapter Facebook Group

Northern California Chapter

Sue Carpenter and her daughters

Sue Carpenter

Contact Sue at:

Northern California Chapter Facebook Group

Southern California Chapter

Deema Lopez and Family

Deema Lopez

Contact Cure JM at:

Southern California Chapter Facebook Group