Roly in 2004, A Year-and-a-Half Before Treatment

Roly in September 2005, One Week After Initial Sculptra Procedure

Roly in October 2005, One Month After Initial Sculptra Procedure

Roly in February 2006, Five Months After Initial Sculptra

Roly in June 2006 High School Graduation Day) After Five Sculptra Procedures

Using Sculptra to Reduce the Cosmetic Effects of Lipoatrophy

JDM patient Roly and his mother, Marisa, would like to share their experience with Sculptra as a cosmetic procedure to reduce the effects of facial lipoatrophy. Here is their story.

Roly was diagnosed with JDM in July 1997 at the age of 9. He has had an especially difficult case of JDM and his appearance has suffered from the effects of lipoatrophy. Lipoatrophy, also known as lipodystrophy, is the loss of subcutaneous fat from all or part of the body.

In September 2005, Roly began facial sculpting using Sculptra injections to his face. Sculptra is a synthetic (non-bovine) collagen. The crystals are injected into the face and build up collagen about 2-3 weeks after initial treatment. This provides a cosmetic improvement to appearance, which may last about two years and can be repeated. It is believed that Roly may be the first JDM/DM patient in the United States to receive Sculptra.

In these photos you can see the changes to Roly's appearance after four injection treatments.

If you would like to know more about Sculptra you can visit Roly's mother would also be happy to speak with other JDM families and adult patients who have questions about their experience with Sculptra. If you would like to make contact with Roly's mother, please email Cure JM Foundation at with your request.

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