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The Moth Eaten World

Finishing Line Press presents The Moth Eaten World, a collection of poems by JM parent and Cure JM Foundation Family Support Network Director Suzanne Edison. The poems reflect upon a parent's journey with an ill child, both its darkness and triumphs.

Suzanne Edison’sThe Moth Eaten World held me breathless. Poem by poem we explore not just a failing body, but a daughter’s disease and a mother’s journey through this world.  The poems fill us with questioning concern—I left God in her Temple when you got sick—but she compassionately walks the reader through. Not many poets can write about illness well, especially the illness of their own child, with such precision and grace that Edison has.  These poems offer so much to the reader—strength and struggle, beauty and fear, faith and doubt—Edison is not only the detailed observer, but the moth, the mother, and the world held together, she writes a powerful and necessary book for all.

Kelli Russell Agodon
Author of Hourglass Museum and The Daily Poet

In The Moth Eaten World, Suzanne Edison talks about a subject no one wants to talk about: the sick child, and accomplishes this onerous but fundamental task by invoking mythologies, African tradition, story telling and the use of fresh metaphors to guide us through a deep and challenging world. She describes the accouterment of illness with a cleverness that invokes sticks in the sand instead of IV poles, angels instead of nurses, always in the presence of a mother's partially cloaked desperation, and her fervent desire to "stitch you back whole" once again. All in all the book is a clear view of a catastrophic situation made palatable by the skill of the writer and a vision that uses language as warrior against the sorrow of loss. 

David Watts, MD
Author of Bedside Manners, and The Orange Wire Problem.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to Cure JM Foundation.

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