Planned Giving

The Importance of Your Gift

Cure JM Foundation was founded in 2003 by families of children battling JM. Our mission is to find a cure and better treatments for Juvenile Myositis and improve the lives of families affected by JM..

Cure JM Foundation is the ONLY organization that solely supports Juvenile Myositis and is also the largest charitable supporter of Juvenile Myositis research.

Through the generosity of the JM community, family and friends, Cure JM has:

  • Helped establish JM research centers in Chicago and Washington, D.C.,
  • Funded a wide range of genetic and JM treatment studies and fellowships
  • Funded the first-ever book solely about JM
  • Connected over 1,000 families in 20 different countries to provide mutual support in their battle against JM

And much more.

We are proud of our accomplishments, but children are still suffering, so there is still work to do. With the rarity of this disease (approximately three children in one million), fundraising is vital to permitting further studies into finding the cause, best treatments and a possible cure for Juvenile Myositis. 

Cure JM’s goal is to never, ever let another child suffer with Juvenile Myositis. With your help, we believe it is a goal that’s well within our reach.