Planned Giving

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Your Goal

How To Make the Gift

Your Benefits*

Gifts through your will or living trust


Defer a gift until after your lifetime


Name Cure JM Foundation in your will.  Designate a specific amount or a percentage of the estate.  

I give to Cure JM Foundation $xxxx  (or x%) from my estate that it may use in any way to further its mission. 


I give to Cure JM Foundation x% of a stock, bond that it may use in any way to further its mission

  • Gift exempt from federal estate tax
  • Control of asset for your lifetime
  • A gift can be made “as is”, such as cash stocks or bonds

Appreciated Assets, Stocks or Securities

Eliminate tax on capital gains

Contribute long-term appreciated stock or other securities. Contact Cure JM for more information at or
(202) 596-6267

  • Immediate charitable deduction of full fair market value
  • Elimination of capital gains tax

Retirement Plan Assets such as an IRA or 401(k)

Eliminate the twofold taxation on IRAs or other qualified retirement plans

Use the plan’s beneficiary form to name Cure JM Foundation as the beneficiary of the balance left after your lifetime

  • Make the gift from the most highly taxed assets, leaving more for family
  • Eliminates income and estate taxes

Life Insurance Policies

Make a large gift with little cost to yourself

Name Cure JM Foundation as one of the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy

  • Current income tax deduction
Contact Cure JM at or (202) 596-6267 for details on making a planned gift
and joining the Legacy Club