Girl with Cure JM Headband sitting at tableSchool Accommodations for JDM or JPM

Many students with Juvenile Dermatomyositis or Juvenile Polymositis need some special accommodations at school. And although each student is different, here is a list of some common accommodations that other Cure JM families have found helpful in the past.

For Chronic Illness/Fatigue:

  • Extended time for tests

  • Alternate time for tests

  • Alternate place for tests

  • Reduced workload

  • Shared notes

  • Modified Assignments

  • Extra breaks

  • “Self-limit” PE

Medical Accommodations:

  • Water bottle/snacks allowed

  • Sun protection (hat, sunblock, etc)

  • Seat away from windows

  • Movement and rest breaks, allowed as needed

  • Extra Restroom Breaks, allowed as needed

  • Physical therapy or occupational therapy in school (as eligible)

Muscle Pain & Weakness:

  • Space to rest in the classroom, such as a beanbag in the back of the class
  • Elevator Pass
  • Wheeled Backpack
  • 2nd set of books (one for at home)
  • Oral testing / minimal writing
  • Not graded on handwriting, larger space to write, or computer if easier
  • Alternate testing
  • Dictated homework
  • Adaptive technology
  • Preferential Scheduling to reduce walking
  • Spare textbook kept in classroom
  • Locker placement near classes

For Immunosuppression:

  • Alternate rest area in cold/flu season (so not resting in Nurse’ Suite)

  • IHP & Medicine Authorizations, as needed

  • Excused absences

  • Notification from the nurses office when certain illnesses are “going around” (such as flu, chicken pox, etc.)

  • Permission to carry own water bottle and/or sanitizer

  • Access to handwashing in the classroom

To Assist with Concentration/ Organization:

  • Preferential Seating

  • “Home-work” Buddy

  • Smaller quizzes instead of larger tests

  • Oral assessment

  • Shared notes

  • Advance notice of field trips

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but we hope that it can be a good conversation starter for your family and your school.