Cure JM Foundation 2016 Annual Conference Recap

Special Session for Moms

MomsMore than 2 dozen moms attended this special sessions for moms, facilitated by Cure JM Board Members Shari Hume, Kristine Alderfer, Ragan Cantrelle, and Amy Gleason.

Some highlights of this session were discussions about:

  • Making sure that your child’s rheumatologist is the right doctor for them (and you)
  • Nutrition and if how nutrition impacts a child's quality of life.
  • Labs and Medications, including understanding which labs are common with a JM diagnosis and how you know if medications are being absorbed into the body.
  • Keeping record of your child’s medical history

Connecting with other Cure JM moms and caregivers is so important. Research shows that JM patients and families who are active in a patient support group report a better quality of life.

“The opportunity to connect with dozens of other Cure JM moms gives me such strength and knowledge,” says Michelle Best, Cure JM mom. “I never could have met this many other moms back home. I am excited to stay in touch with everyone I met at the conference.”