Cure JM Foundation 2016 Annual Conference Recap

Grandparents Workshop

Laurel Krider and Joy Hassel lead Grandparents WorkshopOver two dozen grandparents and extended family members attended the Grandparents' Workshop led by Cure JM Grandparent Representatives Laurel Krider and Joy Hassel.

Here are a few highlights from their presentation:

What is Grandparents C.A.R.E.?

C.A.R.E. is a “Support Network” for Grandparents of kids battling Juvenile Myositis.

As Grandparents, we Connect, Advocate, Rally and Empower ourselves to make a difference in the fight against Juvenile Myositis.

We CARE for our family:

We grandparents support our children and grandchildren and families who are dealing with Juvenile Myositis (JM). We do this in many ways:

  • We listen when our children and grandchildren need to vent
  • We learn as much as we can about Juvenile Myositis and JM treatment. Click here for more information.
  • We get involved in Cure JM. The more we know, the more we can help. Email to get involved.
  • We accompany families to the hospital when the JM child needs treatments
  • We care for siblings so they don't have to go to the hospital also
  • We take care of errands and daily details of family life when the parents are dealing with doctors, therapists, medications and insurance

We CARE for each other:

We support each other with comforting words, hugs, advice, and shoulders to cry on. Great lasting friendships can be created at the Cure JM Conference. Mark your calendars, the next Cure JM Conference is in Austin, Texas, February 17th-19th, 2017. Email for more information.

We CARE for Cure JM:

We support Cure JM by

  • Learning as much as we can about this disease
  • Spreading awareness of JM to our friends and neighbors, (and strangers!). Email to find out how you can help.
  • Raising funds for JM research.

What can you do?

Connect – Step #1 – Join the grandparents network at

  • Attending the Cure JM National Conference is a great way to gain knowledge about medications, treatments, and current JM research.
  • If you are on Social Media, connect with Cure JM. Email for help.
  • The people we meet at the National Conference can become wonderful assets in our journeys with JM. We Grandparents have an opportunity to network with others like us. We can share our phone numbers and email addresses.
  • We will also be providing ways to connect after the conference, stay tuned. No one is alone in this battle to defeat Juvenile Myositis.

Advocate –

  • Get involved. Cure JM was founded by parents and a grandparent of children battling JM. Grandparents are an important part of Cure JM!
    • Cure JM needs your talents
    • Do you have business contacts? A network of friends and family? Computer skills? Free time? Cure JM can use your talents, whatever they are. To get involved with Cure JM join the grandparents network or call Cure JM at 760-487-1079
  • Hold a fundraiser:
    • Grandparents have held garage sales, golf tournaments, sponsored the conference and much more
    • Cure JM Grandparents have emailed their friends asking for donations to
    • Ask for your friends and family to send checks to Cure JM, 836 Lynwood Ave, Encinitas, CA 92024. Email and grandparent volunteers will send a fundraising letter for you, all you have to provide is the list of addresses. It is that easy!

Rally - We Grandparents can act!

  • We can help spread the word about Cure JM to our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.
  • We can each make 5 calls or send 5 emails or write 5 letters tonight! Just think how many people we can contact and ask for help to reach our goal.
  • Email to get started and checkout the helpful ideas here
  • We can all reach out to our business contacts. Cure JM is accepting sponsors now, more information at

Empower - The more you know about JM the more comfortable you will feel talking to others about this disease.

  • You have brochures and a Cure JM Welcome Kit.
  • Hand out Cure JM info cards anytime – insert them in holiday cards, hand them out at your office or social clubs, have them in your car and wallet
  • Contact . Cure JM needs brochures and flyers distributed to Children’s Hospitals around the country
  • The website, has extensive information about JM and many links to educational materials. Read, research and ready yourself to spread awareness to others about JM.