Cure JM Foundation 2016 Lifetime Achievement in Juvenile Myositis Research Award

Presented to Lauren Pachman, MD by Rhonda McKeever, Cure JM Chairman of the Board

Dr. Pachman receiving award

Rhonda McKeever (left) presents Lifetime Achievement in JM Research Award to Dr. Lauren Pachman

Advancing the field of juvenile myositis takes a brilliant scientific mind, a passion for juvenile myositis research and a devotion to training young researchers. This award celebrates a scientific researcher who has dedicated 15 or more years to JM research, and made significant advances in the field of juvenile myositis research.

Dr. Lauren Pachman has published more than 175 peer-reviewed manuscripts in advancing the understanding and treatment of juvenile myositis. Her translational research team at the Cure JM Center of Excellence at the Stanley Manne Research Institute in Chicago is actively involved in mapping out the pathways involved in the disease process that brings about the symptoms of myositis in children. Her research has identified genetic and environmental factors related to onset of symptoms and disease outcome. Her findings related to IFN-a (interferon-alpha) in JDM have helped propel further advances & understanding in JM research. Her ongoing search for clinically useful biomarkers has identified CD-3 natural killer cells and von Willebrand factor antigen.

Better treatments are advanced through research, and Dr. Pachman’s published scientific evidence in regards to nailfold capillaries, pulmonary and cardiac function, therapeutic agents such as Mycophenolate Mofeltil, the absorption rates of IV versus oral prednisone, and the importance of early, aggressive treatment for JM.

A regular presenter at Rheumatology conferences about her research, she has also been published in medical journals such as Arthritis & Rheumatism, Clinical Immunology, Arthritis Care & Research, Pediatrics, and many more. With a dedication to teaching the next generation of medical scientists, Dr. Pachman authored & co-authored numerous medical textbook chapters. She is a Professor of Pediatrics at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, taught about advances in juvenile myositis research as a ACR Visiting Professor and has spoken at numerous Grand Rounds, including yesterday’s at All Children’s Hospital. She is also co-editor of the Myositis & You book, an invaluable reference tool used by thousands of families and medical personnel.

We are pleased to award for the first time this year the Lifetime Achievement Award in Juvenile Myositis Research to Dr. Lauren Pachman!