Grandparents Rally

To get involved with Cure JM, click here to join the Grandparents C.A.R.E. Network or call Cure JM at
(202) 596-6267

Start a Cure JM Fundraising page! Cure JM will help you with all the details and all fundraising can be done from home. Email for help getting started today.

Consider attending the next Cure JM Family Conference. We have special sessions for grandparents and other extended family member.

Reach out to the Cure JM supporters that you know and make sure they are connected!

  • For any assistance, email

“My biggest advice is to get involved!  A grandparent does not need to rely on their child to tell them what they can do to help. A grandparent can take the bull by the horns and jump in and get involved with Cure JM themselves.  Getting involved with Cure JM is something that even grandparents who live away from their children and grandchildren can do to help. As grandparents, we have the time and resources to do things that our children do not.”
Submitted by Shirley, grandmother

“Getting involved with Cure JM has given me hope. As a grandparent, I want to give my grandson what he needs most, a cure for Juvenile Myositis. When my grandson was first diagnosed, I was shocked. But as I learned about Cure JM, I realized that I wanted to take action. When I volunteer with Cure JM I know that I am doing something for his future.”

Submitted by Charles, grandfather

“Helping Cure JM Foundation has become my crusade. On August 6th, 2010, my entire life changed in a one-minute phone call from my daughter…my grandson had a life-threatening disease and needed to be hospitalized immediately to start treatment. Yes, I wanted to fall apart and stay there. That was not an option, as I needed to be strong for both my grandson and my daughter. So, our entire family began a journey with the both of them, and we have never looked back.”

Submitted by Pauline, grandmother, and Grandparent Representative on the Cure JM Leadership Council

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