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Grandparents Empower

Links to Cure JM resources for grandparents:

Juvenile Myositis 101:  Understand what your Grandchild and Child are going through

  • Juenile Myositis information
  • Basics on medications – COMING SOON        

Helpful tips from Grandparents

How to spread awareness & get involved

“We all need to learn as much as we can about this disease so we can understand the ups and downs.  With knowledge comes power and strength, along with figuring out where we can help. …Our job at Cure JM is to give you the tools to accomplish this. I highly encourage you to spend some time looking at all areas of the Cure JM website as it’s the best site to get accurate information”
Submitted by Pauline, grandmother, and Grandparent Representative on the Cure JM Leadership Council

“The kids wear the Cure JM bracelets every day and on occasions their Cure JM T-shirts.  They are able to share in simple terms what Juvenile Myositis is.  They do not hesitate in spreading awareness to their peers and teachers. On the second day of school our eldest grandchild came home from school with two donations, totally unexpected. A wonderful surprise!”
Submitted by Joy, grandmother

How to help your child (the JM parent)

"Just be there. That comes in many forms. Since I live on opposite coasts "being there" is different for me as I can't run over to baby sit or take a meal. I help financially by supporting the annual event and the fundraisers. I am a rather shy person and it is very hard for me to ask people for money donations, but I do try to encourage people to go to the Cure JM web site to learn more about the disease.”
Submitted by Nancy, grandmother

How to help your healthy grandchildren (so they don't feel left out)

“We are glad to stay home with our younger grandson, so he doesn’t have to go to the hospital for all-day infusions, doctor appointments and therapy sessions. We have special traditions that we enjoy so he doesn’t feel left out – for example, we prepare snacks for his brother to take to infusions and we make a special dinner for when they return.”
Submitted by Laurel, grandmother

How to help your grandchild with JM

“We all assist in attending Doctors visits and treatment. The entire family also assists in making Cameron’s PT exercises fun. Always encouraging and participating, supporting the smallest feats: knee bends, squats, leg lifts and jumping, and stair exercises for strengthening her core. Which at times are a struggle.”
Submitted by Joy, grandmother

“When your grandchild has JDM, there are so many things you can do to cheer them up, even if you live far away. Putting some laughter into their lives can help you both cope with the illness. My Granddaughter, Amanda, lived almost 1,000 miles from us when she was diagnosed and it was very difficult hearing about her symptoms and knowing what she was going through each day. I decided to ‘cheer’ her up by sending joke books and other books such as Amelia Bedelia, which is a hilarious account of a young girl‘s escapades. Then I would call her and we would discuss the books and tell each other jokes. It made me feel better to hear her laugh and I think she felt better, too! Laughter is a powerful medicine.”
Submitted by Harriet, grandmother

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