Grandparents have always played a key role
in our fundraising and awareness efforts.

Grandparents Advocate

Get involved!

  • Cure JM was founded by parents and a grandparent of children battling JM. Grandparents are an important part of Cure JM!
  • Cure JM needs your talents!
    • Do you have business contacts?  A network of friends and family?  Computer skills?  Free time? 
      Cure JM can use your talents!  
    • To get involved with Cure JM, click here to join Grandparents C.A.R.E. or call Cure JM at (202) 596-6267

Fundraising ideas for Grandparents

  • How do I get started fundraising? 
    Email for help getting started!  And check out the top fundraising ideas
  • Other grandparents have been successful with these fundraisers:
    • Neighborhood Yard Sale: Ask your neighbors to join in for a neighborhood yard sale and donate all of the proceeds to Cure JM. Get a realtor involved to sponsor the event, run an ad in the paper and create maps/flyers.
    • Restaurant Nights: Many restaurants will donate a percentage of sales to Cure JM on a predetermined date. Create a flyer and distribute to your fellow students and enjoy a fun evening that benefits Cure JM.
    • View all of the most popular fundraising ideas or email so Cure JM can help you get started today.
Grandparents Raising Funds

Many grandparents participate in our annual fundraiser as
runners, walkers or volunteers. The Grandparents C.A.R.E.
network makes it easy for you to get involved.

  • Can I help raise funds from home? 
    Yes! You can fundraise from home.  Here are some ideas. Email for more ideas.
    • Friends and Family Letter: This is the single most effective fundraising piece and one of the simplest. Cure JM can help you prepare an appropriate letter for your friends and family, explaining JM and the need for research. These campaigns can be done at any time of year but are especially useful during the holidays and for birthdays to request a donation in honor of a child battling JM. Email to get started today!
    • One grandmother has volunteered to address & mail letters for you!  You provide the address list and stamps.  Email today for more information on this generous offer.
    • Birthday Wishes for a Cure: Request donations to Cure JM in lieu of birthday gifts. This works for holiday gifts and wedding gifts as well.
    • CrowdRise: If you are planning an event to raise money for Cure JM Foundation or just want to help raise money for Cure JM in honor of your child, please consider using CrowdRise. provides an easy way to accept and track donations, and you get instant feedback on who is donating! Visit to find out how you can set up a personalized CrowdRise page for a new or existing Cure JM Foundation fundraising event.
    • Friends and Family Email:  Send an email to your friends and family requesting donations to Cure JM in honor of your child.
    • I Give Shopping:  Do all of your online shopping at iGive. Go to and register with Cure JM as your charity. Then, every time you make a purchase from any of the 1300+ stores through their link on iGive, our organization receives a gift of up to 26 percent of the total purchase price. An extra $5 is donated to Cure JM for each registrant who shops at iGive within 45 days after signing up.
  • What will Cure JM do with the money raised?
    • 95% of funds raised to towards research grants and programs, more information.

Help build awareness of Juvenile Myositis and Cure JM Foundation

  • Cure JM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for Juvenile Myositis (JM). JM is a group of rare and life-threatening autoimmune conditions affecting approximately 17,000 children in the United States alone.
  • Our mission is to find a cure and better treatments for Juvenile Myositis and improve the lives of families affected by JM.
  • Cure JM Literature:  Cure JM Foundation has brochuresposters, and flyers available for your fundraising and awareness efforts in the Literature section of this website. You can download and print these items for distribution to family and friends (and strangers!) Please take these to your pediatrician, rheumatologist, dermatologist, etc. and ask them to display them in their offices or waiting room so that other JM families can find their way to us.


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