Suzy Running in a Cure JM fundraiser


Suzy Clement

Suzy Clement first became aware of Cure JM when her daughter was diagnosed with JDM in 2007.  Since then, Suzy and her family have been active in Cure JM.

“Fighting for a cure for our daughter is very important to us,” says Suzy.

Suzy is an accomplished professional photographer. In her free time she enjoys running and spending time with her husband, son and daughter.

Suzy serves on the Cure JM Leadership Council and also serves as a Fundraising Coach, helping families who want to participate in Cure JM and raise funds for research by running, biking or participating in other endurance events. 

“Exercise is an important way to cope with the stress of a chronic illness and a great way to raise funds for research,” says Suzy. “I am looking forward to helping any Cure JM family who wants to get started with any endurance event.”