The Carpenter Family

Kim, Sue and and Kristen Carpenter

Sue Carpenter

I am a (Northern) CA native and have never lived anywhere else. I was married to the man of my dreams for 26 years (until he passed away in 2010). I have a set of fraternal twin daughters, Kim and Kristen. I am a special education Resource Specialist teacher (in the public school system at the elementary level). My family is very involved in the sport of dogs, raising, breeding (very limitedly), and showing golden retrievers. Both girls are also very active in the sport of horses, with Kim show jumping. I also love to quilt and have become known as the "CureJM quilt lady" as I have in a little over 2 years made and given 75 quilts to JM kids as random acts of love. I have made Many more quilts and donated them to various CureJM fundraisers.

My twins were born premature, with Kristen on the receiving end of placental discordance. She has always endured a life of numerous difficult medical challenges (with no overall diagnosis) with a full spectrum of specialists, in addition to being speech/language impaired and learning disabled. She was diagnosed at 16 with Raynauds, Hashimotos, and subsequently JDM. We believe the JM brewed for years before a definitive diagnosis came. As difficult and quirky as this disease has been for her, a diagnosis was more than welcome after all of these years fighting unknowns.

Cure JM has given me hope and support, and I want to continue to give some of that back.