Marge Coffey

Margaret Coffey

I am by profession, a registered nurse. Currently I am the owner of a home health agency serving clients in the New York area. I have served on nonprofit boards and am active in lobbying for my industry. In 2010, my seven year old granddaughter Madison was diagnosed with JDM. Luckily her pediatrician referred us to the right people. The doctors at a large children's hospital in NY were able to treat her. We were fortunate to have her doctors communicating with Drs. Rider and Pachman. It was at this time I learned about JDM and the foundation. Madison had a very severe case and remained in Pediatric ICU for months followed by inpatient rehabilitation for three months.

This experience and my background in healthcare influenced me to want to help find a cure. I understand the value of research. These orphan diseases need more research. As a new member of the advisory board, I hope to attract donors for the foundation.