Shevlin Family


Denise Koch

Secretary and Chair of the National Leadership Council

Denise and her husband Roger live in Ottawa, Illinois outside Chicago. In 2019, Denise retired from her career as a letter carrier. Denise and Roger have two grown daughters who both live in Chicago.

In 2006, their younger daughter Jessica experienced her initial myositis flare while in high school. Within a few months, she was diagnosed with juvenile polymyositis (JPM). Jessica recovered but experienced a second flare while in college and the treatment brought her JPM under control once again. Despite the setbacks with her health, she was able to enjoy high school and college. Jessica is active, married, and doing very well with her career.

Denise Koch has been an enthusiastic and "all-in" Cure JM volunteer since 2013. In addition to her tireless volunteer service, Denise has raised over $30,000 and the Chicago Walks have raised nearly $400,000.