Cure JM Foundation 2014 Annual Conference Recap

Health and Nutrition for JM Kids and Their Families Workshop

Registered dietitian and JM Mom, Julie Shevlin, presented a very popular session on health and nutrition for JM kids and their families. Julie presented information on the following:

  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Specific nutrition considerations for JM kids
  • Popular diets and confusion in the media
  • Feeding the JM child and family dynamics

Julie talked about how to apply the nutrition recommendations sometimes provided by hospitals and dietitians and make them work for your family in the 'real world.'

Julie's Presentation

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Quick reference guide on snack foods for JM Kids on steroids

“My Child’s Hungry All the Time!”

Tips and foods that can be offered to help deal with an increased appetite from steroids:

  • Drink 8oz water/flavored water before meals and snacks.
  • Chew on sugarless gum between meals and snacks.
  • Have a no-food-in-the-car rule to ‘buy time’ time between snacking.
  • Have low calorie, low sodium foods available (see list)
  • Fill your home with ‘real food.’ Avoid buying many packaged highly processed foods that are easy to over eat.

Low-calorie, Low-sodium Snack Choices

Fruit (any):

Fresh, frozen, canned (in its own juice), dried 2-3 Tbsp

Pre-washed, cut, sliced, ready-to-eat, soaked in water or orange juice to stay fresh

Frozen blueberries or other small fruit

Frozen fruit juice popsicles/ice cubes


Baked apple

Vegetables: (avoid canned or those frozen in sauces)

Clean and sliced jicama, peppers, pea pods, carrots, edamame, etc soaked in water, if needed, to stay fresh.

Salt-free pickles (vegetables with vinegar mix)

Baked kale (baked crisp, sprinkled with herbs or a dash of salt)

Baked squash with Allspice

Baked potato with herbs, unsalted butter and/or parmesan cheese


Fruit-infused water

Sugar-free juice/flavored water
Hot/iced herbal tea (caffeine free)

Herbal tea slushie (turn your favorite tea into a slushie by adding a cup of ice and blending)

Fruit/veg smoothies (avoid regular tomato juice or vegetable juice cocktails)


Air-popped popcorn (plain or flavored with creative no-salt seasonings)

Rice cakes, wheat/rice puffed cereal

Low calorie gelatin

Sugar free popsicles

Pumpkin seeds

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Nutrition website resource list

Nutrition & Physical Activity

My Plate 
Let’s Go 5-2-1-0
Kids Eat Right
Food Safety
Dinner Games/Family Meals

For Kids:
My Plate Kids’ Place
Healthy Eating & Active Living
Body & Mind

Food Allergies

Food Allergy Research & Education

Nutrient references

Cooking & Recipes

Organic whole foods
Fruits & Vegetables
Whole food, anti-inflammatory - many are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian
Low Sodium
Includes My Plate examples and gluten-free section
Budget-friendly; can be sorted by low sodium

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