Cure JM Foundation 2014 Annual Conference Recap

Special workshop session just for Dads, facilitated by Tom Hume, Cure JM co-founder

JM Dad at WorkshopAbout a dozen fathers of children with Juvenile Myositis (JM) came together for a special breakout session just for dads.  The dads all shared their experiences and emotions about parenting a child with JM. 

“The dads session was an extremely positive experience”

“The dads session was an extremely positive experience,” says one father of a child with JM. “All of the dads shared their experiences and it was remarkable how similar the experiences are.”

Tom Hime

In this session the dads also shared some tips and tricks for dealing with common issues such as:

  • Staying involved with their child’s medical needs, even when not serving as the family’s primary caregiver
  • Finding out and utilizing your employer’s policies on family leave
  • Maintaining good communication with doctors, your partner and other JM caregivers and parents
  • Always knowing your child’s current medications and dosages for emergencies
  • Caring for siblings and siblings’ needs
  • Finding time for fun as a family

The key, the dads agreed, is always being able and ready to contribute to an informed discussion on your child’s health and treatment with your family and medical professionals whenever the occasion arises.