Cure JM Foundation 2014 Annual Conference Recap

Coping Skills & Challenges for JM Families Workshop

Suzanne Edison

Suzanne Edison discusses coping skills with JM families.

Suzanne Edison, MA, presented the session on Coping Skills & Challenges for JM Families. Suzanne is a member of the Cure JM Advisory Council and is the former Director of the Cure JM Family Support Network.

During this session, Suzanne helped families learn about the normal feeling states that go along with coping with chronic disease. Grief, anger, denial, sadness, acceptance are all part of the cycle that we go through, more than once.

Suzanne also noted that it is important to remember three areas of balance:

  1. Child’s illness needs balanced with their normal developmental needs
  2. Balance child’s needs with other competing family needs- parents alone and together, other children
  3. Balance is achieved with efforts at normalcy in family routine, rituals and identity