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Request for Proposals

The Cure JM Foundation (Cure JM) announces its Request for Proposals for 2019 for advancing research to improve medical treatment, patient care, and work toward a cure for Juvenile Myositis.

Cure JM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2003. The mission of Cure JM is to find better treatments and a cure for Juvenile Myositis, and improve the lives of families affected by JM. Approximately 2 to 4 children in a million in the United States are diagnosed with JM each year.

In 2019, Cure JM has committed to fund new research grants up to $75K/year for up to 2 years with preference for individuals who have at least 25% protected research time from their institution. Please review our Strategic Research Priorities, as it is important that research proposals address one of these priorities.


Grant Application Process

A one-page letter of intent (LOI) is required 30 days before the deadline for full application and must contain the project title, a brief description of the proposed research, the name, address and email address of the Principal Investigators, and any persons who might have a conflict of interest in reviewing the proposal. The LOI should be submitted electronically to: . The LOI is only to allow organization of the review process, and all projects submitting an LOI will be permitted to submit a full application. Grant appliations can be submitted any time after March 30, when the RFP process opens.

Proposals should be submitted electronically as one single PDF file to: and must be received by the submission deadline for applications stated in the research announcement timeline. (See Grant Application for specific information.)



Request for Proposals Begins March 30, 2019
Letter of Intent Deadline May 14, 2019
Application Deadline June 15, 2019
Review of Submitted Applications Completed September, 2019
Anticipated Date for Notification of Awards October, 2019
Anticipated Funding Start Date November 1, 2019

The proposal is up to 4 pages long maximum, and the following are also required but do NOT count toward page limits:

  • A lay summary no longer than one page written at the 8th grade reading level
  • A curriculum vitae/biosketch in NIH format
  • A letter of support is required from either a division head/department chair/supervisor at your institution
  • A letter of collaboration submitted by each and all investigators involved in the grant proposal
  • If samples (blood, muscle, skin, etc.) are to be studied and they were not obtained with an IRB approved informed consent by the PI, then a letter of collaboration is needed from the investigator who did obtain those samples, citing the IRB #


Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or M.D. degree or equivalent and work in an accredited medical school, university, hospital or research institute which must agree to supply the clinical and/or laboratory facilities. Cure JM strongly encourages junior researchers and researchers without pediatric rheumatology experience to work with established JM researchers. All basic, clinical and /or translational research proposals related to the field of juvenile myositis will be considered and must be aligned with the Cure JM Strategic Research Priorities.

Grants Review

Research proposals are reviewed by selected members of the Cure JM Scientific Review Committee utilizing the NIH Grant Application Scoring System. The proposal scores along with feedback from the reviewers will be shared with the Cure JM Research Committee for evaluation. The Research committee will make recommendations for funding to the Cure JM Board for a final funding decision. Applicants will be notified by the Cure JM Director for Research when a decision is made.

Reports and Payments

Annual progress reports are required to be submitted by the Principal Investigator and shall be due no later than 30 days after the close of the grant's first year. A Final Report including a full financial report and progress report is required within 60 days after the end of the grant period. Both annual and final reports are required to include an expenditure report detailing how the award has been spent. A layperson summary (200-300 words) of major accomplishments and relevance to JM patients shall accompany each Progress report and the final report. Award payments will be made at the beginning of the project year and at 12 months after receipt of the annual progress report.


A detailed budget should provide itemized detail for each major category of the budget report included in the application. The award does not provide for indirect costs. Award funding may be used for salary support, consumable supplies, equipment, travel (< $1500) and other items necessary to conduct the proposed research.

Proprietary Information

All Cure JM funded proposals must contain a lay person abstract for Cure JM’s use in press releases.  Cure JM Foundation must be acknowledged in all dissemination materials (e.g. publications, scientific exhibit, scientific presentation, press release, etc.) related to research supported in full or in part using this grant and one copy of any published reports must be sent to Cure JM within 30 days of final production.

A stipulation of award acceptance would be travel to the Cure JM medical conference and Cure JM annual family conference/recognition dinner following receipt of the award.