Legacy Club Heroes


The Kriders

Grandparents Chuck and Laurel Krider have included a gift to Cure JM in their will.

Chuck and Laurel Krider

You may know Chuck and Laurel Krider, grandparents to a child with JM and long-time Cure JM volunteers and supporters. But did you also know that they are Founding Members of the Cure JM Legacy Club?

“Our tax advisor informed us of the benefits of including a charitable gift in our will,” says Chuck. “And we knew that a gift to Cure JM could help improve our grandson’s life. It was a win-win for us.”

Chuck and Laurel regularly care for their grandson, including driving him to infusions and sitting with him at the hospital. They know first-hand the struggles of living with Juvenile Dermatomyositis and they want to help.

“We believe a cure is possible in our grandson’s lifetime and we want to be a part of it,” says Laurel. “We know that our gift will make new research possible and that is a great feeling.”

Chuck and Laurel are both members of the Cure JM Grandparent Support Network.

The Daves

Rishi and Mitali Dave are parents who have included Cure JM in their will.


Mitali & Rishi Dave

“We included Cure JM in our will because we believe that research is the key to a better future for our daughter,” says Mitali.  “Giving through our will allowed us to be generous to Cure JM while also providing for our children.”

Mitali Dave serves as Cure JM’s President. She became involved with the foundation in 2010 as a Board Member.  Mitali formerly worked as an independent management consultant and has lent her expertise to a wide range of industries. Prior to striking out on her own, Mitali worked as a management consultant at Bain & Company's San Francisco, New York, and Dallas offices where she worked with Fortune 500 companies on a wide range of operational and strategic issues. 

Mitali and her husband Rishi, a former Cure JM board member, have three daughters, Shona, Somya, and Shreya. Shona was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis in 2008 at the age of 3½.

“As parents, we want to do all we can to help advance JM research,” says Mitali.  “We want our daughter to know that we support her and believe in better treatments and a cure for her.”

The Slaters

Nancy Hume at the 2013 National Fundraiser


Nancy Hume

Nancy Hume is a Founding Member of the Cure JM Legacy Club and a long-time Cure JM supporter.

“Due to my age, I am required to take an annual distribution from my IRA,” says Nancy. 

“So I instruct my broker to send that distribution directly to Cure JM – I receive tax benefits from the gift and Cure JM invests the funds in research.”

Nancy believes in Cure JM’s mission to fund the research needed to cure Juvenile Myositis.

“I have also named Cure JM in my will,” says Nancy.  “I’m glad to help in this way and help improve my grandson’s future.”

Nancy’s grandson was diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis when he was four years old.

The Slaters

Bob and Dixie Slater, grandparents of Parker, have included Cure JM in their will.


Robert and Dixie Slater

Robert and Dixie Slater are long-time Cure JM supporters and Founding Members of the Cure JM Legacy Club.

“I included Cure JM in my will because I wanted to leave a legacy that my grandson would be proud of,” says Robert. “I wanted him to know how much he means to me.”

Robert believes that medical research can lead to a cure for his grandson and that his gift can make a difference.

“By leaving a gift in my will, I was able to be more generous than I could otherwise be,” Robert says.  “I am so happy that my gift can help give children and adults hope as they fight this devastating disease."

Robert and Dixie are grandparents to a child with  Juvenile Dermatomyositis, and Robert serves as a member of the Cure JM Honorary Advisory Council.

The Malloys

Rich and Shannon Malloy included Cure JM in their will to show support for their son.


Rich and Shannon Malloy

“We chose to name Cure JM in our will because we believe in their no-nonsense approach to moving research forward,” says Shannon.  “And we appreciate how Cure JM partners with other organizations to ensure that the best research is being done.”

Shannon and Rich became aware of Cure JM Foundation in 2010 when their son was diagnosed with JM. Shannon believes strongly in spreading awareness of JM and raising funds for research.  She has been an active member of the Cure JM Leadership Council and currently serves as Fundraising and Operations Coordinator for Cure JM. 

“We want to have a lasting impact on JM research,” says Shannon.  “We are so grateful that we can leave a gift to Cure JM and help our son in this way.”

The Malloys

Kristine and Alan Alderfer included Cure JM in their will to show support for their daughter.


Kristine and Alan Alderfer

Kristine and Alan Alderfer, Founding Members of the Cure JM Legacy Club, support Cure JM in honor of their daughter Katherine. Kristine and Alan are passionate about funding JM research because they believe research will help uncover better treatments for JM, so that patients see fewer side effects from medications.

“We left a gift to Cure JM in our will because we know first-hand how committed Cure JM is to investing in research,” says Kristine.  “As parents, we want to do everything possible to help give our daughter the future she deserves.” 

Kristine currently serves on Cure JM’s board of directors and Alan is an active Cure JM volunteer and supporter.