2016 National Fundraiser

Sample Email for friends and family who have already supported Cure JM

Subject line: Help me save more lives by reaching my fundraising goal again!

Help me save more lives by reaching my fundraising goal again!

Dear _________,

I want to thank you again for your generous contribution in the past to my Cure JM campaign. 

I am participating in Cure JM’s Educational Conference and Fundraising Event and am looking for your support. Your donations helped me achieve my personal goal in previous years and I am hoping I can count on you this year!

As you know, I am passionate about fundraising for Cure JM because my son Hunter was diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis when he was eleven years old and his battle with this disease has been long, hard and painful.  And although our road has been tough, we know it could be much worse.  Through the conference, we will meet other families who have been ripped apart by the financial and emotional stress of this disease.  And -- far worse -- we will meet parents who have lost their children.  But through it all we remain hopeful that together, with your support, we are making a difference.

Juvenile Myositis (or JM) is a disease that causes a child's own immune system to attack healthy tissue and cells, which can cause pain, weakness, inability to walk, disfigurement, organ failure and even lead to death.  Juvenile Myositis can affect virtually any system of the body, the heart, lungs, skin, muscles, and more.  The funds I raise today will be used for critical JM research and education, and will ultimately SAVE LIVES!

Will you help us raise $1,000 by January 15?  To make a secure, tax-deductible online donation, visit my personal fundraising page and click "Donate."

Here’s how you can help fight Juvenile Myositis:

  • $25 delivers educational materials to 50 families to empower them with knowledge, tools, and resources to battle this complex and unpredictable disease.
  • $50 gives four hospitals our comprehensive 450-page-book, "Myositis and You," so physicians can diagnose patients faster and treat Juvenile Myositis more effectively.  
  • $100 helps fund our 9th Annual Conference for Cure JM Families, where families learn the latest information on JM and connect with other JM families
  • $1,000 funds our 6th annual Symposium for Physicians and the Medical Community, led by the country's top JM medical experts, where physicians can become better educated about JM and learn about the latest research.

But together we can make a difference!

Please click here to give. Our family’s goal is to raise $2,000 for life-changing research.

Again, thank you for your past support.  I hope I can count on you again this year.

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Cure JM.  Thank you, in advance, for your continued support!  I know that as Hunter grows he will join us in our gratitude. 

With endless gratitude,