Fun Idea!

The Best Family held a raffle to help raise over $3,600.

Email to have an online raffle set up for you.

Cure JM National Educational Conference and Fundraising Event

Fundraising Ideas

Leverage some of these time-tested ideas to help you make your fundraising goals.

Reach Out

  • Recruit other runners or walkers to train with you at home and help you fundraise. Get a team of co-workers, neighbors, friends, family and more. They can forward your fundraising email to all of their contacts, share on social media, etc. 
  • Recruit friends & family to join your team remotely. They can walk or run wherever they are located. They can help you fundraise by sharing the link to your fundraising page or by creating their own fundraising page.
  • Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts – and ask friends and family members to do the same
  • Send a “Back to School” letter instead of a holiday card. Fill everyone in on what you’ve been up to this year and tell them about your fundraiser. 

Send an email to all of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers... Ask them to donate!

  • After you send your email, recruit your friends and family to forward the email to all of THEIR contacts.  A relative or friend making a heartfelt appeal for donations to your page can be very, very successful.
  • Print a flyer and collect cash at work or school.

Make it fun!

  • Offer challenges to your friends and family, such as When I raise $10,000 I will shave my head, dye my hair red, etc.
  • Ask for donations per year you’ve been battling JM, for example Please donate $66 to honor the six years my child has battled Juvenile Myositis.

Hold a fundraiser and donate the proceeds online or with a check to Cure JM

LikeUse social media

Tweet, Post, Link, Like

Don't forget to tell everyone what you are doing on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Your personal blog

Use them all!

Here's one idea:

Post a thank you note on your Facebook page when your friends give like:

Thank you to my most awesomest friends David and Cathy Duclos
who just gave to my Cure JM fundraising page! 

Be sure to Tag your friends!  Add a badge if you like, post a picture of the two of you together. Show them the love!

Another idea:

Post an "I give to CURE JM" photo on twitter, Instagram or other social media. Download & print "I give to Cure JM" - choose letter or legal size paper. Use a marker to personalize why you give to Cure JM. Share with others on social media!