Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Family Conference Recap


This session introduced Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and ways to decrease anxiety. Attendees practiced several short meditation techniques and were given tools to take a mindfulness practice into everyday life.

Rita Volochayev, PhD, CRNP, CPMN, CHT, MNLP, co-led the session and described why mindfulness is important.

“Your body has two systems. The Sympathetic (fight-or-flight response) and Parasympathetic (resting state). It can activate only one system at a time. The brain does not know the difference between imagined and real. It is your reaction and perception of events and people that creates stress.”

Rita continued, “Change your perception and the way you respond/react to events and people. Keeping your mind in a happy and joyful state activates your body’s healing properties. Whenever you are stressed out, do whatever it takes to activate the ‘resting state’ system, even faking laughter and a smile.”

“Your mind is the most powerful tool. Become a President of your mind. Do not make space there for anybody or anything that does not have your best interests.”

Stress Management on a Budget Resource Guide Presentation

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