Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Family Conference Recap

Drug Discovery and Emerging Treatments Panel

This expert panel shared their insights on the latest drug trials and emerging treatments for JM and the side effects of JM, as well as details about the latest research studies supported by Cure JM.

“The increased focus from the pharmaceutical industry on new compounds or repurposed drugs for myositis is very encouraging. Cure JM is already engaged in several important partnerships, and we can anticipate the need for even more collaboration with industry in the near future,” Jim Minow, Cure JM’s Executive Director.

Lisa G. Rider, M.D., Deputy Chief, Environmental Autoimmunity Group, Clinical Research Branch, NIEHS, NIH, HHS Bethesda, MD, discussed the process of identifying new drugs for treatment of JM and their future implementation.

You can view the presentation or a video of the entire session below:

Dr. Rider’s Presentation

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