Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Fundraiser

Teen and Child Perspective: A Q&A for Parents Led by Teens

Megan McKeever, Maddy Coffey, Morgan Gleason, Anna Schwartz-Ramsey This session was developed by the Cure JM Teen Council and featured teen panelists who shared their unique perspective on topics they hope parents will talk to their children about. It also provided parents with a chance to ask the panel about topics that they’ve avoided with their kids.

Anna Schwartz-Ramsey, a Teen Ambassador for Cure JM noted that “Providing a panel solely made up of teens and young adults who are fighting JDM themselves provides parents and families a whole new way of asking all their questions to people who have actually experienced what their kids are going through and have reached a point where they are comfortable talking about it.” Anna continued, “Many of these families have super young warriors who do not understand what is happening to them or how to advocate for themselves. This panel allows parents a place ask all their questions and concerns and get answers from a group of very honest people who know can identify on a personal level.”

View both sessions below: