Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Fundraiser

The Sibling Experience

Sisters in the audienceThe session posed the question, what is it like to be the sibling of a brother or sister with a chronic illness?

Siblings are often the most trusted confidant of the JM patient. Siblings have diverse experiences, but they often withhold their thoughts and feelings. This was an opportunity for siblings to share their experiences with their peers, and vent concerns and feelings in a safe environment.

This session was led by siblings of children with JM, including Keiley Glancy. “I think the sibling experience is important because having a brother or sister with JM while also navigating your own adolescent years and young adulthood can be challenging and the sibling experience gave us all a chance to share our ups and downs. It was comforting and empowering to be able to relate to everyone’s experiences.”