Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Fundraiser

Organizing for Local Walks and Chapters

Lauren Alvord and Denise Koch leading sessionThis session reviewed the many opportunities available to JM families and friends to become Chapter leaders, organize walks and, ultimately, make a difference to the JM community.

What do chapter leaders do?

Chapters leaders bring families together for educational events with key doctors, enable on-going, peer support, and host an annual Walk Strong to Cure JM™ family fun event and fundraiser.

How do you start a chapter?

To support a Chapter, Cure JM typically suggests identifying an area with more than twenty JM families living within a two-hour +/- driving radius. A best practice for starting a new Chapter is for the families to work with an established Chapter while growing the number of interested families for the new Chapter. A great example of this mentorship growth was Philadelphia partnering with the D.C. Chapter for over a year, before launching its own presence.

What does success look like for a local chapter?

Once a Chapter is formed, keep the momentum going through regular updates on the respective Facebook Chapter page, hold family gatherings, and organize one to two educational events a year. The most crucial component of a successful Chapter, is a successful, annual Walk Strong to Cure JM™ fundraiser. The walks bring families together and are also the primary source of funding to fund JM medical research.

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