Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Fundraiser

Mothers Supporting Mothers

Moms in Focus GroupIn most JM families, the mother bears the brunt of the work to manage JM; from acting as the primary care giver, to navigating the health care system, to supporting every family member. This topic was broken into two categories, to address the specific needs that come with different age brackets.

During both sessions, moms discussed medication, treatment basics, how to help a JM child cope while caring for the rest of the family, and most importantly, self-care.

“There is a great deal of comfort to be in a room with other moms who have experienced the difficulties and joys of raising a child with JDM. We were able to share tips and strategies that were helpful, such as how to combat side effect of medication, how to get teens to wear sunscreen and how to give your teen the independence they need while still helping them with their medical needs,” Jenny Kara, co-leader of the session.

Cure JM Regional Representative (serving LA, MS, AR, and TN), Kristen Harvey Prescott, helped lead the session, and described the significance of the gathering in this way, “Moms are in different stages of diagnosis, and the questions/discussions help us at all stages. The newly diagnosed moms remind those further along in the journey of how far they’ve come, what they’ve survived, and give a chance to share their stories. Even moms who have been dealing with JM for several years still have questions or new situations arise to deal with.”

“Infant to 10-years-old is a wide range age group, and children, as well as their moms, are dealing not just with JM, but, with many different developmental ups and downs. It’s always nice to hear that you’re not alone in what you are going through.”

You can watch videos of the entire sessions below:

Mother of Infants and Young Children

Mothers of Teens, Tweens and Young Adults