Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Family Conference Recap

Cure JM Hero Awards

The Cure JM Hero awards were established in 2010 to recognize families and individuals who have made a significant contribution to Cure JM and have helped advance Cure JM’s mission to find a cure and better treatments for Juvenile Myositis and improve the lives of families affected by JM.

Here are our 2018 recipients:

Tracy and Kelly Van Ness

For the last five years, Tracy and Kelly Van Ness have been a staple of the New York Cure JM community, participating in countless Cure JM events and fundraisers. 

In 2016, Tracy Van Ness stepped forward to Chair the First-Ever Walk Strong to Cure JM™ New York -- which raised over $170,000 for Juvenile Myositis research. 

We are pleased to honor the entire Van Ness family —  Tracy, Kelly, Bradley, Olivia, and grandmother Merrianne — with a Cure JM Hero Award.

FloridosKelly Florido and Family

Kelly Florido has been involved in Cure JM since her daughter Layla’s diagnosis with JDM in 2015.  Always an anchor of support and encouragement for the families of the Chicago Region, Kelly has participated in countless events including organizing the “Love for Layla” event and participating in the Inaugural Walk Strong to Cure JM™ Chicago. 

In 2017, Kelly stepped forward to Co-Chair the 2nd Annual Walk Strong Chicago which raised over $80,000 due to the exceptional work and support of the families of the Chicago Chapter.

In recognition of their exceptional support of the Chicago Walk Strong to Cure JM, we are pleased to award Kelly Florido and her family a Cure JM Hero Award.

MarchettasColleen and Chuck Marchetta

Colleen and Chuck have been part of Cure JM since 2014, participating in Cure JM National Conferences, the Holiday Challenge, and organizing fundraisers in their hometown.

Through their hard work and creativity, Colleen and Chuck have raised over $20,000 for Juvenile Myositis research. 

We are pleased to award a Cure JM Hero Award to the entire Marchetta Family. Congratulations, Marchetta family, you are true Cure JM Heroes!

Leah MusicoLeah Musico

For nearly a year, Cure JM parent Leah Musico oversaw the planning for the National Conference Kids’ Fun Camp.

During the conference, kids and tweens enjoyed unforgettable fun at the Kids’ Fun Camp, while their caregivers attended the educational sessions.

These truly special days could not have happened without Leah’s creativity and can-do spirit.

For her time and dedication, we are pleased to recognize Leah Musico and her entire family with a Cure JM Hero Award