Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Fundraiser

Helping Your Kids Cope

Presenter with ADA slideThe session explored some of the emotional issues children may grapple with at different stages of their development. Information focused on the importance of open communication in the family and other coping strategies to support healthy childhood development.

This session also helped answer some of the following, common questions:

  • How can you help children cope with having a chronic illness?
  • How do you help children handle changes in their appearance or experience low energy?
  • What about depression and bullying?
  • How to balance attention between a child with JM and other children?

The session featured a lot of parent-to-parent discussion, comments and suggestions.
Discussion topics ranged from how to handle a child who is “acting out” due to steroids, without being punitive, to issues with teachers not understanding the illness, to how to make a plan in for a child that needs accommodations at school. In addition, sessions topics explored recognizing the needs of siblings and how to ensure that they get time and attention they need in the family. Finally, parents talked about how they help their kids to help themselves.

Carol Schwartz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who led the session. “It is very important to allow our JDM kids to express their feelings about being sick without this upsetting the parents too much. We don’t want the kids to feel as if they have to take care of us emotionally,” Carol said.