Cure JM Foundation 2018 National Fundraiser

The Extended Family: Grandparents

Grandmother attending sessionJM families treasure the unique role that Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles play within their families and within Cure JM. In this session, grandparents came together to connect with each other, discussed how they support their children, grandchildren, and empowered themselves by learning more about Juvenile Myositis.

Grandparents have always been crucial to Cure JM.  One of the original founding members of Cure JM was Harriet Bollar, a grandmother of a child with JM. To this day, grandparents are crucial to this organization, and to families affected by Juvenile Myositis.

The grandparent session was hosted by the Cure JM Grandparent Council and was attended by thirty grandparents. One message that emerged from the meeting was clear: grandparents are an important source of support and encouragement for all members of the family, including the grandchild with Juvenile Myositis, and also the siblings, and the parents. 

“From fundraising and organizing, to family support and community engagement, grandparents of children, teens, and young adults with Juvenile Myositis are crucial to Cure JM’s mission,” said Kevin Coffey, Cure JM Board of Directors, during the Grandparent Session.

The grandparents who attended the Grandparent Session expressed a great desire to support critical, JM-related research.  

“As grandparents, what we really want for our grandchildren is a cure,” says Sheila Harvey, member of the Cure JM Grandparent Council and grandmother to Daisy, age 9.  “My husband and I are honored to get involved in making that possible. For us, the research is the key to hope that my granddaughter can have the future she deserves.”
This commitment to supporting research, prompted the Grandparent Council to create more options for grandparents to get involved. Look for more information on these new developments to arrive by mail/email this fall. 

To learn more about the Cure JM Grandparent Council please contact Shannon Malloy at or join now at