ConferenceCure JM Foundation 2018 National Conference and Fundraiser

10 Reasons to Attend the 2018 Cure JM National Educational Conference and Family Fundraising Event

Our annual conference is life-changing for so many people. BUT, don't take our word for it!

Here’s what members of our Cure JM community told us about our conferences:

  1. You will be empowered with knowledge. You will learn more in one weekend at the conference than in a year at home. World-renowned JM researchers will present the latest in JM research and treatments, empowering caregivers and patients.
  2. You will make life-long friends who will support you in good times and bad. “Staying in touch and texting new friends from the conference can help get you through rough times,” says one teen who attended last year. “School friends can’t always understand, but my Cure JM friends get me.”
  3. You will no longer feel alone as you connect with others who are going through the exact same experiences. This includes young adults, teenagers, children, parents, and grandparents. Over 100 families will come together for the weekend!
  4. Our conference inspires HOPE. Life is affected — not defined — by JM. You will meet adults living well with JM, which is a true inspiration for children and teens. You will be inspired by the doctors, researchers, and JM families making a difference in the fight against JM.
  5. It’s FUN! The weekend includes a Kids’ Fun Camp, Teen/Tween Cyber Lounge and Photography, Poetry, and Art Workshops, Young Adult activities, social time for caregivers, and a recognition dinner to celebrate the collective achievements of the Cure JM Community. This year on Sunday morning, families will participate in one of two fun family fundraising events, either the Walk Strong to Cure JM family fundraising walk or the Austin Marathon/Half Marathon. It’s going to be an unforgettable and FUN weekend. Many JM patients, siblings, and caregivers have formed life-long friendships through the Cure JM Conference!
  6. More educational sessions that YOU asked for! We are excited to offer a large selection of educational sessions that families requested. Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Young Adults, and Teens will attend the sessions that interest them throughout the weekend. Click here for a current list of breakout educational sessions. Sessions include:
    • Patient Advocacy: Navigating School, Insurance companies, and Healthcare Providers
    • How to Talk to Your Doctor
    • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
    • Yoga for Stress Reduction
    • Ways to Manage Sun Exposure
    • Teen and Child Perspective: A Q&A for Parents Led by Teens
    • Drug Trials: A summary of current drug trials underway
    • Understanding Labs, Treatments and Side Effects
    • Helping Your Kids Cope
    • All-Teens Art Workshop
    • All-Teens Multi-Media Workshop: Podcast and Videos
    • Siblings Matter workshop for siblings of JM patients.
  7. Empower yourself by making research possible. Life-long memories will be made as Cure JM families participate together Sunday morning in a Walk Strong to Cure JM family fundraising walk! Cure JM families, friends, and supporters will join forces to walk and raise funds for JM research. Walking is an easy way to get involved, take control, and make new research possible.
  8. It’s the biggest fundraiser & community-building event of the year! Through Walk Strong to Cure JM, the Cure JM community mobilizes and is propelled into action. By participating, YOU will move us closer to a cure for your special family member battling JM. You will develop a strong sense of camaraderie even before you arrive at the conference and it’s FUN to walk or run with the new Cure JM families you meet at the event!
  9. Enjoy a fun weekend away. Break away from your day-to-day routine and spend a fun weekend socializing with other JM families. Consider taking a few extra days to explore and enjoy the many landmarks and attractions that our nation's capitol has to offer: museums, memorials, parks, theaters, unique dining and more.
  10. This will be the 12th Cure JM Family Educational Conference and Fundraising Event and will be the biggest and best event yet! With more fun, more new friendships, more interaction with researchers and physicians, and more educational sessions, it’s a weekend not to be missed.

To learn more, contact us at or (202) 596-6267.


Registration opens in January, 2018

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