Cure JM Foundation 13th Annual National Family Conference and Walk Strong to Cure JM

Sample Letter for Everyone Participating in Walk STRONG to CURE JM™ Event

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[paste a photo of your child or family here]




Friends and family,

We were devastated when [name of child] was diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis (JM). JM is life-threatening and causes [her/his] body's own immune system to attack itself. It threatens pain, weakness, the inability to walk, disfigurement, organ failure, and even in some cases, is life-threatening.

There are currently no FDA-approved treatments and no cure.
But, we’re not helpless. We’re doing something to get (name of child) closer to better treatments, and the cure we all want.

On June 23, we’ll walk with Cure JM’s team during the Chicago Walk Strong to Cure JM™. The walk is part of Cure JM’s National Family Educational Conference and fundraising event, where Cure JM families, friends, and supporters from across the world come together to raise funds for JM research!

Please visit to join our team or make a gift in honor of (child’s name).  Our team’s goal is to raise $500 for JM research.   

Prefer a check?  No problem!  Checks can be made out to “Cure JM” and sent to Cure JM at 836 Lynwood Dr., Encinitas, CA 92024 with “Chicago Walk 2019/[our name]” in the memo and sent to us at our home address.  

Cure JM is funding genetic studies so we can understand the causes of Juvenile Myositis, make it possible to discover new and better medications, and support young physicians and researchers that are interested in studying JM. These are great things, but we still need a cure for [name of child]!

Please join our team or make a donation in honor of [name of child].

The hope is in the research. Please make that hope possible for our entire family.

With endless gratitude,

[your name]

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