Cure JM Foundation 2017 National Conference Awards

Cure JM Youth Ambassador Award: Morgan Gleason

MorganThis year, the Cure JM Youth Ambassador award is being awarded for the first time.

Diagnosed at age eleven and now seventeen, Morgan has spent several years advocating for teens with chronic illness through her blog, videos and interviews.

It started with a video she made about the need for patient-centered medicine, and Forbes Magazine picked it up. The video went viral and now has over 112,000 views. It was trending #7 on

Since then, Morgan has become a sought-after speaker to help hospitals and medical students improve the patient experience. She has spoken at Cleveland Clinic and Stanford Medical School and more.  Morgan is even a Special Advisor for the Cleveland Clinic's Association of Patient Experience.

She is an excellent teen leader, helping to develop the first-ever Teen session at Cure JM’s 2016 National Conference and design the new Cure JM Teen Portal. Morgan is also a founding member of the Cure JM Teen Council.

As one of Cure JM’s first-ever Teen Ambassadors, Morgan openly shares her story to help other teens and tweens know that they aren’t alone.

We are pleased to award Morgan Gleason the first-ever “Cure JM Youth Ambassador Award.”

Below is a video of Morgan receiving her award:

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