Cure JM Foundation 2017 Conference Breakout Sessions

Mothers Supporting Mothers: Moms of Tweens, Teens and Young Adults

Ragan Cantrelle at FlipboardWritten by Ragan Cantrelle, Cure JM mom to Cooper, and Secretary, Cure JM Board of Directors

More than two dozen moms attended this special sessions for mom of tweens, teens, and young adults.

Some highlights of this session were:

  • A chance to connect with other moms of kids who are at the same stage as yours
  • Recognition that parenting a teen, tween, or young adult with a chronic health condition is a unique challenge
  • Connecting with other moms in the same boat is important, as we can all learn from each other’s experiences
  • How to start thinking and preparing for your teen’s transition into managing their own healthcare

As I know first-hand, connecting with other Cure JM moms and caregivers is so important! Meeting other families at my first Cure JM conference in Austin in 2010 gave us the strength to cope with this diagnosis and we are honored to share our experiences with other Cure JM families. And research shows that JM patients and families who are active in a patient support group report a better quality of life.