Cure JM Foundation 2017 National Conference and Fundraiser

Mothers Supporting Mothers: Moms of children, Infant to 10 years

Sign at Entrance to SessionIn this session for moms of JM Kids age infant to 10 years old, the moms connected with each other and shared strategies for helping their family with the JM diagnosis.

Discussion topics included: 

  • School - peers, recess, talking to classmates, being left out of things and ways to manage that
  • Responsibility for sunscreen use and strategies for avoiding the sun (during parties, school, etc)
  • How to help your kids so that they don't always feel left out or "different"
  • Anxiety - methods to help your kids with anxiety, whether it is from steroid-induced mood swings or disease-related anxiety
  • Siblings - how to talk to them about the disease and how much they are involved
  • How to talk to your kids about their disease
  • Normalcy - how do you achieve it?