Cure JM Foundation 2017 National Conference Awards

Mason's Miracle Award: The Shevlin Family — Julie, Justyn, Tessa, and Lochlan

Shevlin FamilyThree years ago, Cure JM established a special award in memory of Mason Smedley, called The Mason’s Miracle Award. Mason was, and continues to be, an inspiration to everyone.  He showed great courage and strength in his battle with JM. Despite his challenges, he had an amazing sense of humor, and his charm instantly won over everyone he met.

He was, and will always be, a true hero and has made a difference in countless lives. This award is now given annually to someone who carries on the spirit of Mason, and demonstrates the unfaltering courage, optimism and perseverance that Mason showed us all.

Cure JM is honored to present this award to a family who possess all of these qualities. The Shevlin family was propelled into action in 2009 shortly after their daughter Tessa was diagnosed with JDM at the age of four. We are all so thrilled that after many years of treatment, Tessa is in remission. But despite Tessa being in remission the Shevlins continue to work as hard as ever for a cure. This family continually inspire those around them that a cure for JM is possible.

Through multiple creative fundraising events over the years, the Shevlins motivate others in the Seattle area and throughout the broader Cure JM community. Julie is currently the Director of Cure JM’s Family Support Network which offers peer-support to 2,900 Cure JM families around the world. Over the years Julie and her husband Justyn have also led many exceptional fundraising efforts. Last fall, they were Walk Leaders for the inaugural Pacific Northwest “Walk Strong to Cure JM” which, with the support and hard work of several dozen Cure JM families, raised sixty thousand dollars for JM research. The Shevlins have held a very successful auction and dinner at the Seattle Space Needle, a bowl and skate party, five annual garage sales, and have participated in countless online family fundraising campaigns.
Their incredible volunteer efforts over the years have helped raise over two hundred thousand dollars, providing hope to so many and also more importantly remind us of the courageous difference that one family can make in the fight against Juvenile Myositis.

This year’s Mason’s Miracle Award goes to The Shevlin Family: Julie, Justyn, Tessa, and Lochlan.
Here are some words that Mason’s parents wanted to share about Mason’s award and the Shevlin family:

“I have seen first-hand the never ending commitment the Shevlin family has put into raising awareness and funding to find a cure. Mason amazed me every day regardless of what he was up against, he always seemed to find a way to smile.  The involvement of families such as the Shevlins is and always will be, a key component to the success of Cure JM.  SO from our family to theirs - Thank you for your continued commitment and passion to help not only your child but every child that will enter this earth with the unfortunate fate of battling JM.  You and your family have given them hope that they will find remission and someday a cure! Thank you again for keeping Mason's spirit alive through this award.  It means a lot to us!”

Below is a video of the Shevlin family receiving their award:

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