Cure JM Foundation 2017 National Conference Awards

2017 Legacy Leadership Award: Rhonda McKeever

Shari Hume, Co-founder of Cure JM, presented the Cure JM Legacy Leadership Award to Rhonda McKeever, Chairman of Cure JM Foundation since 2007. This award is given to a person who has made an exceptional and long-lasting impact for Cure JM and the advancement of JM research.  The impact of this individual is viewed as “transformational” and will live beyond her tenure—thus leaving a legacy for many years to come.

Rhonda‘s strategic insight and exemplary leadership brought us to a new level of success at Cure JM, and she has left a legacy of hope, success, and exceptional leadership. Rhonda's work brings the future of a cure closer for all of us.  

Upon receiving the award, Rhonda was incredibly gracious and gave credit to the entire Cure JM team, and said, “We are just getting started.”

Below is a video of Rhonda receiving her award:

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