Cure JM Foundation 2017 Annual Conference Breakout Sessions

How to Talk to Your Doctor

Dr. Ruy Carrasco led this discussion-based session about how to successfully communicate with your child’s physician.  Good communication is essential for you and your child’s physician.  Dr. Carrasco and the families in attendance shared some of their experiences and some best-practices for how to foster this important communication.

One question that several parents brought up was about seeking a second opinion while maintaining a good relationship with their treating physician.  Dr. Carrasco suggested that parents discuss their desire for a second opinion with their child’s physician.  In his opinion, a second opinion from a physician with extensive JDM experience can often be a useful tool in treating your child.  When dealing with a rare disease, a second opinion can be an educational experience for the physician, family, and patient.

Below is a recording of Dr. Carrasco's Presentation:

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