Cure JM Foundation 2017 Conference Breakout Sessions

The Power of the Extended Family: Grandparents and Extended Family Members

Grandparents at Conference Giving a Thumbs UpOver 70 grandparents and extended family members attended the Grandparents' Workshop led by Cure JM Grandparent Representatives Chuck and Laurel Krider.

Each grandparent in attendance contributed with ideas, energy, and enthusiasm for making life better, brighter, happier, healthier and more promising for their grandchildren suffering from Juvenile Myositis.

What is the Cure JM Grandparents’ “C.A.R.E.”Network?

C.A.R.E. is a network for Grandparents and extended family of kids battling Juvenile Myositis.  As Grandparents, we Connect, Advocate, Rally and Empower ourselves to make a difference in the fight against Juvenile Myositis.

First, we care for our family.  We grandparents support our children and grandchildren and families who are dealing with Juvenile Myositis (JM). We do this in many ways:

  • We listen when our children and grandchildren need to vent.

  • We learn as much as we can about Juvenile Myositis and JM treatment. Click here for more information.

  • We get involved in Cure JM. The more we know, the more we can help.  

  • We accompany families to the hospital when the JM child needs treatments.

  • We care for siblings so they don't have to go to the hospital also.

  • We take care of errands and daily details of family life when the parents are dealing with doctors, therapists, medications and insurance.

  • We support our children and grandchildren financially when needed, helping with medical, travel, or other expenses.

Second, we lend our Time, Talent, and Treasure to find a cure for our grandchildren.  Cure JM Grandparents are making a difference.

We support important research by getting involved. Cure JM was founded by parents and a grandparent of children battling JM. Grandparents are an important part of Cure JM!  Cure JM needs your talents!  Do you have business contacts? A network of friends and family? Free time? Cure JM can use your talents, whatever they are.

  • Raising funds for JM research.  Grandparents have sent letters, held garage sales, golf tournaments, sponsored the conference, and much more. Call Shannon Malloy at (202) 596-6267 or for help getting started.    

Third, Grandfather Walter McKeever shared his experience with sending a letter asking for donations to Cure JM for JM research.

Here is a sample letter you can download and edit.  Or contact Shannon Malloy at (202) 596-6267 or for a custom letter for your family.  We can even help you mail and print your letter!  Many families also send their letter as an email.

Finally, several grandparents mentioned other ways to give.

  • One grandparent mentioned that transferring his “Minimum Required Distribution” from his Traditional IRA directly to Cure JM was a way to give that can have tax benefits.  Contact your tax professional for more information.
  • Other grandparents mentioned transferring stock directly to Cure JM.  This can be done by contacting Shannon Malloy.
  • Grandparents mentioned collecting bottles, selling cupcakes, and collecting spare change to donate to Cure JM.  These are all great ideas!  Thank you all for your extraordinary efforts.
And then, there’s the CrowdRise Holiday Challenge!  Many grandparents participate in making this the biggest Cure JM fundraiser of the year.  Each dollar donated through the challenge is “stretched” by 40% through prizes won.  Contact Shannon to join the team today.  Many grandparents commented that they like to raise funds over the summer and fall and then donate to their Holiday Challenge page on Giving Tuesday, 11/28/17, to “stretch” their donation.